The gallery specializes in the great names of the twentieth century. We offer a large catalogue of artists ranging from the European avant-garde dating from the beginning of the century, with special emphasis on Cubism and Surrealism, passing through the artistic trends after the Second World War, until the 1980s.

This compendium includes exceptional Spanish masters such as Juan Gris, Miró, María Blanchard or Dalí, who tie in with the most representative artists of later generations, such as Tàpies, Óscar Domínguez, Millares and Barceló. The presence of international artists is equally notable, with works by Fernand Léger, Jean Arp, Jean Dubuffet, Victor Vasarely or Alexander Calder, among others.

The gallery is located on Consell de Cent street, Barcelona, an artistic focal point where the city´s galleries have been historically based. We have a diaphanous space, divided into two rooms that are constantly renewed with temporary exhibitions, work that we develop alongside renowned curators.  We also count on the collaboration of art critics and academics for the preparation of our catalogues to develop a deeper understanding of the art works and their creative circumstances.

The gallery has participated in leading international art fairs for more than a decade. The internationalization of the gallery is demonstrated by its presence in the consolidated art markets of London, Miami and New York.

As part of the city’s cultural offer, we develop exhibition and outreach programmes as part of collective initiatives, such as the recent Barcelona Gallery Weekend (organized by Art Barcelona) and El Paper de l’Art (organized by the Gallery Guild of Catalonia). 

History of the gallery

The gallery was founded in 1971 by Manuel Barbié Gilabert; a born collector who has been actively collecting since 1965. Originally, the gallery´s focus was on the Old Masters, 19th century Spanish art, and Impressionism. The repertory slowly opened up to other artistic fields: from archaeology to furniture, sculpture, ceramics, until reaching and incorporating contemporary trends. In the decade spanning 1970 to 1980, he was a pioneer in collecting the work of artists from the Dau al Set (the first post-World War II artistic movement in Catalonia) before their rise in popularity, as well as in building a creative dialogue between archaeology and modern art pieces. He was also able promote great 20th century names such as Calder, Miró, Chillida and Fontana as well as currently well acclaimed, up and coming artists.

Towards the end of the nineties the gallery wagered firmly on early modern painting, and the gallery positioned itself as a point of reference on an international level thanks to the work of Gilabert’s son, Manuel Barbié-Nogaret. In addition, the gallery incorporated Dadaist and Surrealist photography from the beginning of the 20th century.

Towards the end of 2011, management of the gallery passed into the hands of his sister, Laura Barbié-Nogaret, along with their father Manuel Barbié Gilabert. The current director is Elisenda Barbié-Nogaret, who is advised and supported by her predecessors.

Over the years, the history and the name of the gallery have been established through by its great work and dedication, and a continual commitment to first-rate art. The most outstanding monographic exhibitions have been dedicated to renowned artists such as Jean Arp, Juan Gris, Julio González, as well as Sonia and Robert Delaunay. The retrospectives of Dadaist and Surrealist photography have featured Man Ray, Georges Hugnet, Jean Moral and Edward Weston; without forgetting the role of women in this field with Pioneers of Avant-garde photography and exhibitions dedicated to Lee Miller or Dora Maar.

Collective exhibitions are another of the gallery’s endeavours. Artworks have been brought together under thematic discourses in exhibitions such as Urban views and illusory architectures, Robert Delaunay & the Eiffel Tower, Still Life, Thematic Consistency which weave their way through modern history. They have also been united by their techniques and mediums (Relief Games, Photo Collage, Cut and Paste or Creations on paper). Among the collective exhibitions worth highlighting for their media impact and excellent reviews are On the way to Paris, The Challenge of Modernity, Avant-garde Dimensions or Selective Affinities. The latter was awarded Best Exhibition of 2011 in Catalonia.

In recent years, the gallery has been awarded prizes recognising it as the Best Gallery in Barcelona (2005) and Spain (2006) and it continues to be considered one of the most important twentieth century art galleries.