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Treinta años de pluralidad contemporánea

From December 20 2017 to Març, 2018

The following exhibition is devoted to the diversity of contemporary art among Catalan artists of the past twentieth century, between the 60’s-90’s; presenting never before seen works from Eduardo Arranz-Bravo, Modest Cuixart, Josep Guinovart, Ramón Herreros, Lluís Lleó, Xavier Medina-Campeny, Pedro Moreno Meyerhoff and Josep Navarro Vives. The whole set creates a discursive lyric that goes from works of artists with surrealist, Dadaist and abstract ancestry, passing through others that come from Informalism and experience with matter, as well as creations that make a return to figuration, realism and traditional techniques. 


The "paper" of reinterpretation

From May 4 to the end of July, 2017


The exhibition The “paper” of reinterpretation presented by Galería Barbié has been specially put together for the 4th edition of El Paper de l’Art.

The exhibition shows works on paper by renowned artists from the 20th century European avant-garde such as: Julio González, Fernand Léger, Víctor Vasarely, Georges Valmier and Antoni Clavé.

On exchanging glances with these artists, Silvia Japkin takes a meta-plastic approach in which she “deconstructs” the two-dimensional works of the mentioned artists and reconstructs them in a three-dimensional form that she calls “Seeds of space”.

The spectator is invited to position himself with the artist’s innovative vision at the privileged point of this encounter, creating a proposal that offers new visual and conceptual horizons. 



From February 9 to April 28, 2017


The exhibition, the classical inspiration of the avant-garde objective is to reflect on how the avant-gardes embodied the classical spirit among other things. This was proposed by Guillaume Apollinaire in his text, L’Esperit Nouveau, published in 1918.

The project shows archaeological pieces, mainly from roman times which contrast and follow a logical evolution of historic cultural unity. There are works by renowned 20th century artists such as Joan Miró, Fernard Léger, Albert Gleizes, Miquel Barceló and Antoni Tàpies. Together it creates a dialect where the live and deep meaning of our tradition is evident.



From September 29 to October 2, 2016

“The irrational imaginary” brings together around twenty works from the twentieth century, from the twenties to the late seventies, the common denominator being the surreal component that prevails in all of them. This is either because the artists were a part of the avant-garde movement, or because their works have ended up nourishing the vagaries of the subconscious. 

Whilst divergent in styles, colours and mediums, the selection of works is connected by its imaginative theme, its seductive plastic language, as well as its ability to incite the viewer to reflect. Undaunted by the rules, they are instead governed by transmitting the remotest subconsciousness. Together, they are the result of the purest, most irrational and complex-free imagery. 


The exhibition will be based on four themes, which follow the guiding principles of Surrealist philosophy: The dream of Reason, Vital Emergence, Animal Subconscious and Restored Ruins. 


Manifestations of modern life is the title that gives name to the exhibition of the Barbié Gallery on the occasion of El Paper de l'Art 2016.

A dozen masterpieces are on show and they are dated from throghout the 20th Century; from 1915 until 2004. Not only were they made on paper, but they were also created under a common theme: the human footprint on its path through the 20th Century. These artists were able to embody, on paper, their understanding of the being and soul in post-industrial society. 

This collective exhibition includes consecrated artists from the last century, such as André Lhote, Fernand Léger, Victor Vasarely and Botero, among others.

Receiving a clear influence from Tàpies and Miró, the work of Miquel Barceló is presented through one of his clear tributes to the Mediterranean.


This exhibition is devoted to some of the greatest Spanish artists from the beginning and until the end of the 20th Century.

This panoramic vision starts from the very first Cubist examples from the 1910s and 20s, represented by Juan Gris and María Blanchard, moving on through to the art of Julio González which emerges during the Spanish civil war, up until the postwar paintings of Óscar Domínguez and Antoni Clavé.

Two works by Manuel Rivera will be on show,  representative of the El Paso group of artists. One of the leading figures of informalism, Antoni Tàpies, will be represented by a magnificent mural relief from 1958and also work by Joan Miró, the internationally renowned Catalan artist.

With a clear influence fromTàpies and Miró, Miquel Barceló’s tribute to the Mediterranean will also form part of the exhibition. 


Juego de Relieves

Title: Juegos de relieves

Catalog: October 2015

Creaciones sobre papel

Title: Creaciones sobre papel

Catalog: May 2014

image catalogo Bodegones

Title: Bodegones

Catalog: December 2013

image catalogo Afinidades Selectivas

Title: Afinidades Selectivas

Catalog: October 2012

image catalogo Juan Gris

Title: Juan Gris

Catalog: May 2009

image catalogo Sonia & Robert Delaunay

Title: Sonia & Robert Delaunay

Catalog: May 2009

image catalogo Robert Delaunay



image catalogo camino a Paris

Title: camino a París

Catalog: May 2009